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  1. Park further from work and walk in, take the stairs if there are any.
  2. Pack a lunch and walk in your lunch break.
  3. Stand while on the phone, the extra movement in these times has been shown to improve spinal health and increase productivity.
  4. Set your alarm 1 hour earlier and exercise for 45minutes before breakfast, this for most increases energy and productivity during the day, as well as reducing stress.
  5. Download an app./widget/etc. that tells you when you need a break from the computer. Get up and walk to the break room for a drink of water and return. This will also reduce the stress of screens on your eyes.   (I recommend the CAA BACKApp). A 1-2 minute break is recommended for every 30 minutes spent sitting.
  6. Make one of your breaks a stretch break. Do shoulder rolls, move your neck and back in all directions. When you fly in a plane they recommend stretches during the flight and most flights are shorter than a days work.
  7. If you are a parent with kids in sports, don’t just sit on the side lines and search Facebook or socialise, walk laps of the courts/field/grounds, do air squats, or maybe skip. You could even volunteer to help out, that’s a great example for your children.
  8. Cycle to work, if you live in any capital city in Australia, the studies show that you can get to work on average only 5-10 minutes slower if you cycle. This helps your health and saves money on fuel and parking.
  9. Find a friend to walk with, hold each other accountable; don’t let the other off if they don’t show. Make them buy the next coffee.
  10. Set your office up as a sit stand workstation, this can be as simple as a box, or you can buy a more complex sit stand workstation. www.Veridesk.com.au have some excellent examples.

The benefits of extra exercise are countless. I have never met anyone who wished they exercised less. The more you move your spine through the day the better it is for it. Move it through its full range of motion, this should be pain free, if it is not get your-self checked. Most patients spend more money maintaining their car then they do their body and health, you can replace a car, but your body is yours for life.

Before embarking on any new exercise program, discuss it with your health professional, we are happy to discuss this with you as one of our valued patients.

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  • Ryan Seaman May 2, 2017, 4:15 am

    For those who asked sorry we don’t use Twitter at this point. However we do use Facebook. You will note that we do not post many comments on the website. Due to regulations for professional health services in Australia, testimonials and comments similar to such are not permitted. We appreciate your comments. We are not professional bloggers, are how to knowledge is limited to what we find in google and youtube. And hence we do not answer questions as such. The purpose of this blog is to give general information for people in our community. Thanks for reading

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