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Note: All exercises and stretches here should be used as we directed you in your consult.  If you have not attended our office or have not been prescribed these, perform at your own risk.  The advice in the video does not replace the advice of your healthcare practitioner.

Foot Ice massage (great for Plantar Fasciitis)

Ice Massage

Core 1 (Beginners core exercises)

Core 2 (The second step in core exercise)

Core 3 ( the third step, beyond this, seek professional training)

The Founder (Foundation Training)  

Cervical Prehab

Cross Talk

4 quick stretches to relieve shoulder and neck tension

Lucky 13 ( 13 easy stretches to prepare for most activities)

Scapular Row

Stretches and exercises for stress relief

Rhomboid strengthen

Median nerve tension stretch

Ulnar nerve tension stretch

Radial nerve tension stretch

Bruegger’s relief Position

Abdominal Breathing

Quad Stretch

Rhomboid StretchTrap and Lev snap Stretches

Air Squat

Biceps Stretch

Bone Density

Psoas Stretch

Calf Stretches

Pectoral (minor) Stretch

Superman Stretch

YTWL Exercise

Glute Piriformis

Spinal Floss

Hamstring stretch

Teres group stretch (often problematic shoulder muscle)

Triceps trigger point release technique

Glute Med strengthening (often the cause of chronic gluteal pain)

Psoas Stretch

Serratus anterior exercise (This muscle is often responsible for shoulder blades that wing)

Running Tips 1

Stretches and Exercises









Cervical Curve



Massage balls


Support and Maintain curves





Most ignored muscles in back pain