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30 Days to better posture


In our last video I discussed the importance of good posture, and the health benefits good posture delivers.  In this video I am going to discuss what good posture looks like and a few things you can do to help improve your posture and spinal health at home.


So there are many times in our day where we need to consider our posture.  Today I would like to cover a few of these; seated, standing and sleeping.

In the seated position as you can see the ear is over the shoulder and over the hip, this allows for the spine to be in the normal curvature. If you look closely you will also note that the thigh is on as slight downward angle, this actually allows our pelvis to be in a better position allowing us to hold this posture longer and increase our depth of breathing.

You should also note that the feet should be flat on the ground directly bellow you.  When your hands are on the computer keyboard, your elbows should always touch your sides.  You should hold this posture whenever seated.  I am not a fan of recliners from a health point of view, because of the posture you hold your neck in when reclined.


The standing posture is very similar, your ear is above your should and hip and an imaginary line drawn through all three would fall just through the front of your ankle.  Your shoulders should be back and eyes level with the horizon.




As for the sleeping posture, this is a little more difficult, but the basics remain the same, you want to support and maintain the curves of the spine no matter how you sleep. So when on your side you spine should form and straight line, this means that your bed needs to support your hips and shoulder in a manner that allows for your spine to be straight.  When on your back the same curves your spine has standing you want to support when lying.  Your pillow should support the space at the back or side of the neck with your head in the neutral position.



From this comes our 30 day posture challenge.  The first step is to set up you home and work space so that you can hold these posture seated, standing or lying.  You may also find it helpful to place reminders and sticky note around to help you to remember.


Then add a few quick stretches to help improve the movement of the head and neck.  The stretches are the sub-occipital stretch, pectoral stretch, upper trap stretch and levitator scapulae stretch.  You Can find these on our website www.seamanchiropractic.com.auor wait for next weeks video.


Then you can start the challenge, we challenge you for 30 days to be mindful to hold good posture and to use the stretches to make that easier.  I am confident if you do this for 30 days your posture will improve.


I trust you found this video helpful, please like and share it with your friends and family.  If you are looking for more information like this try our website www.seamanchiropractic.com.auor follow us on Facebook or Instagram.


If your symptoms persist or get worse you may have an underlying problem, if that’s the case please contact our office on 08 8584 7011, to make a consult to investigate your issues and discuss your needs.


Yours in good health, I am Dr. Ryan.  Take care and we will see you soon.

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