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5 Quick things to tips reduce the effects of sitting!


We have all heard the sitting is the new smoking.  That’s great except one is way more of a choice then the other.  However the science does suggest the sitting is as detrimental to your health or more so as smoking is.  Recent papers suggest that it increase your mortality rate from all causes by approximately 40%, and even higher if we just talk about heart disease, the largest cause of death in the world.

So if you have a job or family role that requires a lot of sitting here are a few things that you can do to reduce its negative effects on your health.


  1. Spinal Floss
  2. Chair Squats
  3. Desk lunges
  4. Walk and talk
  5. Gluteal and quad stretches (help reduce sitting induced Sciatica)


There are hundreds of other things that you can do to increase your movement at the desk, and any motion is better then just sitting there.   Get creative and have some fun.  Maybe buy a smaller water bottle so you have to get up to fill it more often.


My experience is that the hardest part of this is remembering so set a reminder every 90 minutes to do one of the above on your smart phone or computer so that you have some help remembering.


I trust you found this video helpful please like and share it with your friends and family.  If you happen to still find yourself struggling to get through the day the way you would like, sore in the back, shoulders, neck or have head aches, you may need a consult to find the underlying issues. If that is you please call our office on 08 8584 7011 and book a consult with one of our Chiropractors.


As always the information contained in these videos does not take your personal circumstances into account. The advice given is of a general nature and is not meant to replace the advice of your healthcare practitioner.





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