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seaman chiropractic 2What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic care is founded on principles that are readily accepted by all health care professionals today; that human beings have an innate intelligence that is self healing and self regulating, and that the body has the ability to stay healthy as long as there is no interference. Many conditions can be helped by Chiropractic care, however the purpose is to remove the interference to the nervous system in order to allow the body to heal and self regulate and restore normal function (maximum health). Research has proven conclusively that when pressure (interference) is on spinal nerves the body breaks down and when the pressure is removed the body begins to heal. It is not intended to replace traditional care, it is designed to be a drug free holistic solution and a compliment to traditional crisis care.

Chiropractic is the science of locating the interference that blocks nerve impulses (subluxations), the art of removing them and minimizing the impact on the nervous system, and a philosophy of natural health care based on your inborn potential to heal and self regulate.

What causes Subluxations?

Physical Stress: This includes micro trauma, e.g. repetitive stress, poor posture; macro trauma, e.g. falls, knocks, accidents, sporting injuries, any medium to large physical trauma, and other unique situations, such as pregnancy, child birth (for both mother and baby), being over weight and the increased load physically and chemically on the body.

Chemical Stress: This can include any toxins ingested into the body, such as pollutants, excessive sugar, alcohol and drugs (elicit, over the counter and prescription), tobacco, viral or bacterial infections.

Mental Stress
: Any stress from relationships, work, life, extreme situations, recalling past traumatic event, etc, resulting in physiological changes to blood pressure, blood glucose, heart rate etc.