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Is your lack of sleep killing you?

Effects of Sleep Deprivation

As the end if February approaches again this year so does the start of Vintage.  It is the time of year where many of our community have to burn the candle at both ends to make ends meet.


But what does this do to our health and the function of our bodies.  I took a dive in to some of the research for you, and here is what I found. I always knew that it was not good for us, but sleep deprivation especially in the chronic sense predisposes use to a vast number of diseases.

Here is a quick summary of what I learned….  Sleep deprivation slow the firing of the neurons in our brain and thus decreases the function of heart, lungs, kidneys, digestive track, immune system and reproductive function.


It predisposes us to most of the top ten causes of death in the world, such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke though sleep apnoea, cancer through decreased immune system function, depression, fertility issue, an range of metabolic diseases.


One study compared the effects on the brain (slowed reaction time, poor visual learning, distorted visual perception, and memory lapses) to that of alcohol.  With the loss of 1-2 hours sleep being equivalent to .05-blood alcohol content, and 3-4 hours chronically being equivalent to .10 or higher.


So if you are burning the candle, please take care.  Try some of these tips for when you do get a chance to rest.  Try the 4-7-8 meditation to improve the speed at which you fall asleep. Hold good posture and breathe slowly while performing your tasks; some research suggests that this increases alertness and cognitive function.  Sleep whenever you can.


The Idea sleep environment is between 14-20 degrees, it is void of light and noise, and your bed and pillow are supportive.


I trust you found this video informative and helpful, hopefully you or your loved ones are safe if they are out there tonight.  Please like and share this video with your friends and family, a healthier community is our goal.  If you would like more information such as this try subscribing to our newsletter or blog, like our page or check out our website www.seamanchiropractic.com.au.


As always the information contained in this video, email or blog is of a general nature and does not take your personal circumstances into account.  Please consult us on 8584 7011 or your healthcare provider if you have concerns or persistent problem.

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