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Love your Spine, it has to last you a Lifetime!

Do you often wake stiff in the morning and it take a few minutes to loosen up?  Do you stiffen in the spine or pelvis when you sit long periods of time?  Do you get headaches, sore shoulders, golfer elbow, tennis elbow, or carpal tunnel syndrome? Do you just find it hard to hold good posture?

If this is you these may be the early symptoms of spinal problems.  Spinal problems often start insidiously just creeping up on us as we live our daily lives.  Spinal problems are often like a cavity you don’t know that they are there until someone checks your spine for them.  Just like a cavity it is much easier to deal with the sooner they are checked.  And just like a cavity it is usually more cost effective to look after them sooner rather then waiting till you have an acute painful episode.

Spinal problems often give us early signs before them become huge problems.  Often there is stiffness upon rising from bed or the chair after a period of time lying or sitting, it loosens with movement or heat but returns again when you sit or stand for prolonged time.  Your posture also gives you clues to your spinal health, if you struggle to hold good posture often it is due to spinal problems.  Often people become short of breath as spinal problems persist and the thoracic curve increases, this can reduce forced vital capacity of the lungs by 30%.

Some people ignore even the painful episodes because they go away quickly and do not return for a while. The episodes become more frequent and more severe with time in the majority of cases.

Lots of people start exercise programs when they start to notice spinal problems figuring that their spine is just weak.  The discomfort often improves for a period of time but then stagnates or returns.  The exercise is almost always good for them, but maybe prolonging the issue as they strengthen muscles around dysfunctional joints or structure.

These are just a few of the early warning signs that you may have spinal problems occurring.  If this is your you may want to have that check by one of our chiropractors, if that is so please call 8584 7011 and set up a consult today.

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