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So lets talk about sleep.  The average person needs 6-8 hours according to the science, this can included rest and relaxation.  If you are achieving the correct amount of sleep for your body, you will maximise the effect of sleep on your longevity.

How can you improve your quality of sleep; well that takes a few things. :

  1. Routine: going to bed when tired and getting up at the same time everyday. Have a consistent pattern before bed, eg bath/shower, read then lights out.
  2. Avoid stimulants (coffee, tea, etc.) and alcohol before bed. Ideally 4 hours between consuming stimulants and sleep and 1-2 hours for every alcoholic beverage.  Alcohol can help you fall asleep however it disrupts your sleep pattern leaving you with a poor quality sleep.
  3. Avoid laptops, tablets, and smart phones for at least an hour before bed. The blue light from these devices disrupts the sleep cycle, and results in a poor quality sleep.  If you have older children this may be an issue for them if they text and use social media before bed.
  4. TV’s in the bedroom have the same issue as the above devices, plus create a poor posture in bed.
  5. Make sure your nervous system is working correctly – see your Chiropractor! When it is not it can keep your mind from slowing down and contribute to stress and worry, resulting in a poor quality sleep.

Other things you should probably check:

  • Age of your mattress: if it is more then 10 years old then it is probably worn out.
  • You should have a good supportive pillow; your preferred sleep position depends on the type of pillow necessary. Your Chiropractor can fit a pillow to you.
  • That you are allowing time to wind down at the end of the day.

If you have sleep issues that go any deeper then this you should consult your health professional directly. We are happy to discuss specific issues with you in our office.

I hope you get a great sleep tonight, your brain and nervous system will thank you.

Dr. Ryan

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  • Ryan Seaman May 2, 2017, 4:15 am

    For those who asked sorry we don’t use Twitter at this point. However we do use Facebook. You will note that we do not post many comments on the website. Due to regulations for professional health services in Australia, testimonials and comments similar to such are not permitted. We appreciate your comments. We are not professional bloggers, are how to knowledge is limited to what we find in google and youtube. And hence we do not answer questions as such. The purpose of this blog is to give general information for people in our community. Thanks for reading

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