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Ten tips for a great Vacation


With the holiday season quickly approaching many of us are planning vacations or visits with family and loved ones to celebrate the year. This can mean long car rides, flights, different beds, camping, sleeping on floors, etc.

With all these new stresses on the body, one can end up uncomfortable or in pain, loosing some of the joy of the much earned break that was planned. Considering the most common things that present in the office following a holiday, weekend away or vacation. We have developed our top ten tips to help reduce your odds of ending up in this situation….

  1. If travelling by car plan rest stops in your drive, every hour to hour and a half. While resting walk, stretch, do the spinal flossing exercise we teach in out special appointment (Available on our website), or try a little cross talk, bring one knee to the opposite elbow, across the body alternating sides till you have completed 10 reps each knee.
  2. If travelling by plane, don’t consume to much alcohol while flying, flying naturally dehydrates the body, leaving you feeling horrible. If it is a long haul flight, get up and walk, use the eye masks and try to get some sleep.
  3. If traveling internationally, try to match the time zone you arrived in ASAP. Again alcohol will inhibit the speed your body changes. Get as much sun on your skin as you can when you arrive, the melatonin in the skin helps set your body clock. (PS don’t sun burn if your in a warmer climate then normal)
  4. No matter where you travel, try not over indulge too much in any thing, food, alcohol, sweets, etc.
  5. Travel with your own pillow. Your pillow can make the difference between a shocking night’s sleep and a great night.
  6. If you’re camping, camp chairs are generally horrible to sit in from a posture point of view. Avoid sitting in them for too long.
  7. When driving long distances, take a large towel and roll or fold it up like a sausage or sausage roll and place it in the lumbar spine area.
  8. Do your best not to get sunburnt. These can ruin a great day or trip. They can also ruin your sleep taking even more joy away from your holiday.
  9. If you have any medications you need, fill your scripts as pharmacies are not always open on holidays. A good quality first aid kit can also be a blessing if an accident or injury does happen.
  10. If you do get injured use ice for the swelling, take it easy and make an appointment to get checked when you return.

Enjoy Your Vacation

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  • Ryan Seaman May 2, 2017, 4:15 am

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