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DR Ryan’s bed shopping method

  1. Allow lots of time to make your decision, you are likely going to spend several thousand dollars on a new bed, you want to get this right. It may sound ridiculous to spend thousands, but remember you will spend approximately 1/3 of your day in that bed. It is a good investment. Try lots of beds and lots of shops.
  2. Look for shops with a satisfaction guarantee, lots of shops have a night or up to seven nights no questions return policy. (Ask before you buy, you wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive). Take sticky notes, one pad per person in the bed, different colour for each. Lay on all the beds, if you find a bed comfortable quickly put a sticky note on it. Then move on to the next bed.
  3. When you have laid on them all, find the ones with the sticky notes and lay on them again. If there are two of you only lay on the one you both found comfortable. Lay there for about 20 mins per bed. If you are not fully comfortable, ie drowsy, remove the sticky notes and move to the next bed. I like to bring my own pillow for this.
  4. Now for the hard part discussing with your partner over which one is most comfortable and fits your budget.
  5. Remember most people spend days, weeks or months researching and new car, but only hours choosing a bed. For most of the population, you will spend far more hour in your bed than your car. Also, it is very hard to put a price on a good night’s sleep.

Enjoy Your New Bed

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  • Ryan Seaman May 2, 2017, 4:15 am

    For those who asked sorry we don’t use Twitter at this point. However we do use Facebook. You will note that we do not post many comments on the website. Due to regulations for professional health services in Australia, testimonials and comments similar to such are not permitted. We appreciate your comments. We are not professional bloggers, are how to knowledge is limited to what we find in google and youtube. And hence we do not answer questions as such. The purpose of this blog is to give general information for people in our community. Thanks for reading

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