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When was your Last Spinal Health Check?


Have you ever wondered why you should have your spine checked?  Are you one of those if it is not broke don’t fix it people?  Have you ever felt like you are older then you are? If you answered yes to any of the above questions this video is for you.

Let tackle the second question first.  Are you an, if it is not broke don’t fix it person?  I use to be just like you, and I thought that the aches and pains I was experiencing were a result of my age and how poorly I treated my body when I was younger.  To be honest with you I spent more money on car maintenance then I did on looking after my health and my body.  I actually believe I was unlucky and was just dealt a bad hand.  Many people think that they have bad genes or bad cells.


So if this is you are you like I was?  Spending more on your car then your health, you can replace your car.  Do you get your teeth check regularly, go to the GP for the over whatever decade you are health checks.  Are you ignoring the early sign, like a niggly back or neck, stiffness in your spine that takes a few minutes or a hot shower to go away, why wait till you an advanced injury to get it checked, it will only be harder and take longer to heal correctly.


Your Brain runs your entire body it is the CEO of it, sends messages to the body and receive messages from the tissue in order to help you maintain your health and regulate your body. Now if some of those messages are not getting through, and your body could not function optimally, would that be an issue for you?  The most recent science suggest that when the spine fails to move in its normal patterns during our activities of daily living, that nerve do not fire normally. This lack of normal nerve firing often does not change how we feel.  It just reduces our body’s reserves as far as energy and adaptability.  As Chiropractors we restore the normal motion to the spine, thus helping the body restore normal nerve firing patterns.  We also measure your ability to function; we can use tools to measure the reserve energy and adaptability in the body.  So we can track your progress and improvement over time.


If you are feeling older then you are, it may be because your body has lost its ability to adapt or your energy reserves are tapped out.   Getting your spine check and any functional losses restored may help you achieve that feeling you are looking for.


So if you have not had a spinal health check there are 3 reasons beside it hurts to have it checked today.  If this is what you would like to do call our office on 08 8584 7011 for a check up with one of our Chiropractor to discuss your concerns and needs.  Please like and share this video with your family and friends. Prevention is worth a ton of cure!



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